James Faulkner

James Faulkner


Ever since he was a young boy, James has always loved sailing. And thanks to his background as an electrician, James knows the ins and outs of boats.

“I started boating as a young kid in the UK and then progressed into motorboats. Whenever I could, weekends or holidays, I’d motor across the channels and sail along the coast of France with my family.”

“I did that for many years, then I came to Australia and bought a boat at Soldiers Point Marina. I spent two years enjoying my boat and exploring Port Stephens.”

His expert knowledge puts him in a great position to guide customers through the process of selling and buying a boat.

“When I’m contacting my customers and trying to sell boats for them, I remember that I used to be on the other side of the desk. It can be very emotional for some people when they have to sell vessels that they love, so it puts me in a good place to guide them through the process of doing it.”

As a broker, James enjoys providing excellent customer service and expert advice. He always brings honesty and transparency in his service.

James loves that he gets to work with his passions every day.

“Sailing is a great passion of mine and I’m glad I have an opportunity to step into brokerage and work with my passions.”

James looks after the brokerage business in Soldiers Point Marina, Port Stephens. James represents Flagstaff Marine’s full range of new boats: Beneteau Sail, Beneteau Power, Monte Carlo, AMEL, and the new Groupe Beneteau EXCESS catamaran.

“Soldiers Point is a very unique marina. The service they offer here is fantastic and they get lots of good reports from customers.”

“I think tying the two things together with Flagstaff Marine will make Soldiers Point Marina a top-end place to go.”

“Bringing a sailing brand into a predominantly powerboat area will greatly benefit Flagstaff Marine.”

Soldiers Point Marina is one of only seven marinas—in the world—to be awarded the coveted Platinum Anchor accreditation under the Global Gold Anchor Scheme.

When he’s not busy selling boats or sailing the big blue seas, James enjoys playing soccer and golf.