It’s no secret that Beneteau’s build quality sets the industry benchmark for others to follow.

From architecture through to design, technology, process, production, materials, marketing, services and finances – not a single area escapes rigorous and meticulous attention to detail and quality assurance testing.

And this testing is undertaken in every one of their 20 facilities worldwide … including France, Poland, Brazil and the USA.

So you can be assured that the boat you have ordered, and taken delivery of, is built with materials and craftsmanship of exceptional quality and durability.

And the icing on the cake? Beneteau employs 20 experts whose raison d’ être, their reason for being, is simply delivering high-quality, durable yachts to the world.

What a job!



The team at Beneteau meticulously tests every material that goes into a boat in a testing laboratory and the hull is no different. Resin is used in each process – but it’s the coring material that makes a difference.

Beneteau chooses balsa core because it provides the best balance of strength, thickness and weight … and also helps lower the centre of gravity, which means no lead keel for the powerboats. Balsa core also allows for a high level of resistance, noise reduction, and insulation.

Balsa core is a sandwich laminated between the inner and outer fiberglass materials … and balsa core allows the factory to reduce the amount of resin in each hull while maintaining the desired structural strength. This efficiency in the reduction of resin means less weight and better performance.

It’s a win-win for every owner!



One of Beneteau’s core values is making the inaccessible accessible to all …

And that’s exactly what they’ve done! With their state of the art manufacturing facilities using breakthrough production technology, they are achieving things in production boats never thought possible –

delivering the best value luxury motor yachts and cruisers on the water today!



Beneteau utilizes three processes for the manufacture of the high-quality hulls and decks … and choose which method to use based on the type and size of the boat, the complexity of the design and the expected production numbers.

And of course, they choose the gold standard of coring: end-grain balsa core, which provides the optimal strength to weight ratio and prevents the spread of water intrusion should the hull be damaged.



Beneteau utilizes technology to improve production wherever possible. All of the trimming and hole cuts on decks and hulls are done by robots, which allows for a high level of precision as well as dramatically reducing labour costs … which is reflected in the retail price.

The team has spent thousands of hours testing resin formulations for strength, weight durability and reaction to other materials, but most importantly for their resistance to water.

The hull on EVERY Beneteau boat is one that can take you anywhere in the world with complete confidence.

And it’s a hull that meets the highest worldwide standards in quality, strength, durability, weight, and cost.



Although Beneteau has 20 facilities around the world, all the woodwork in every single Beneteau boat comes from one factory in France.

This means the team has better machinery and tools, more efficient production, complete quality control and the best craftsmen working together in one place.

So they are able to achieve and maintain a superior level of quality while providing boats at a reasonable cost.

Beneteau source their wood from controlled, certified and sustainable sources.

They choose Alpi Wood – a specialized wood product perfectly suited for marine conditions and a certified renewable resource.

The process produces wood panels that resist warping and are perfectly uniform and the factory is able to replicate a variety of hardwoods and finishes for a fraction of the traditional cost.



In the end, at Beneteau, it comes back to superior quality.

Every boat receives its wood parts from a dedicated facility in France and the focus is on using a carefully selected mix of technology and hand craftsmanship to create interiors that are both stunning and efficient.

No boat builder in the world is comparable.

“The level of detail applied to quality assurance was one of the highest I have witnessed in the more than 160 factories I have visited around the world.” – Christopher Hughes from

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