Luxury Sailing Yachts

Luxury Sailing Yachts


For over 130 years, generations of the Beneteau family have been pushing the boundaries to achieve sailing perfection.


AMEL Yachts are the definition of luxury at sea – breathtaking yachts that exceed expectation.

  • AMEL 50 – built for seafaring luxury, be it a coastal cruise or an ocean crossing
  • AMEL 60 – experience ease of handling, performance and luxurious live-aboard comfort
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New Generation Multihulls

New Generation Multihulls


It’s no secret that multihulls are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, undoubtedly due to their versatility and the supreme on-water lifestyle they offer. Inspired by racing for cruising pleasure, EXCESS catamarans are the new multihull range from Groupe Beneteau.

The ethos of EXCESS is simple – to break conventions and create a catamaran built for performance and designed for sailors to enjoy the perfect on-water lifestyle. EXCESS catamarans offer pleasure when you go sailing as when you are anchoring.

  • EXCESS 11 – offers so much comfort and space, and the thrill of performance sailing
  • EXCESS 12 – perfect family catamaran and ideal for entertaining guests onboard
  • EXCESS 15 – ideal home on the water, perfect for long-distance travel
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Power Boats and Cruisers

Power Boats and Cruisers

Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo range by Beneteau is powerful, charismatic and luxurious powerboats. Light-filled, airy and spacious with panoramic views – an entertainer’s dream.

Monte Carlo

Beneteau’s Monte Carlo is the powerboat of a new generation, a cruiser in an ocean all of its own. State-of-the-art technology brings sound and entertainment right to your fingertips – a step forward for technology at sea.

Grand Trawler

The Grand Trawler 62 capitalises on the highly successful Swift Trawler range. Offering an abundance of space, she allows 6-8 guests plus crew to travel in absolute luxury. Its hotel-style interiors and Italian design create the perfect boat for meandering ocean adventures.

Swift Trawler

Swift Trawlers are powerful, responsive and safe cruisers from the world’s number-one boat builder – Beneteau. Natural light floods the luxurious interiors, making living on board a complete pleasure.

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Sunpowered Yachts and Catamarans

Sunpowered Yachts and Catamarans

Alva | Sunpower Yachts bring yachting into a new era with their electrified solar catamarans and yachts.

Sunpower VIP 44, the Sunpower Charter 44 and the Sunpower Sports Sedan 44 are high-performance vessels, that can travel up to 100km per day, without the need for fuel. Comfortable and spacious, there is a Sunpower model to suit you.

Alva Ocean Eco 60 is a high-performance, midsize catamaran. It combines luxury and comfort with safety, whilst looking sleek and futuristic on the water.

Alva Ocean Eco 90 is a fully electric superyacht, boasting a separate dining area, sky lounge, cocktail bar and whirlpool. The perfect boat for really enjoying life on the water.

Alva Sun Eco 90 is a high-performance superyacht, perfect for long-distance cruising. Home to luxury, comfort and space, this catamaran features a separate dining room, optional saloon and a stunning sky lounge.

Outboard-Powered Ribs

Outboard-Powered Ribs

Since the 1960s, Lomac outboard-powered ribs are the natural choice for those in search of superior performance, exclusiveness, comfort and quality for the whole family.

Lomac GranTurismo – the perfect combination of design, comfort and performance

Lomac Adrenalina – built to be safe, seaworthy, comfortable and ready for adventure

Lomac Turismo – versatility in a boat, big enough for the whole family

Lomac Euforia – the perfect compact boat, for couples and small families

Lomac Big Game – the fisherman’s boat, fully equipped, seaworthy and ready for action

Flagstaff Brokerage

Flagstaff Brokerage

Our brokerage services are unmatched. The Flagstaff team have decades of experience, so you simply won’t find another broker in the country with the same level of sales and expertise under their belt.

With the recent addition of The Yacht Brokerage in Queensland, we now cover the entire eastern seaboard with our extensive listings and brokerage services.

We strive to provide excellent support and service for the before, the during and the after, whether you’re buying or selling.

Contact us for a free market appraisal of your boat.

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With you every step of the way

With you every step of the way

At Flagstaff Marine, it is our mission to take care of you on your boating journey from the day you buy your boat to the day you hand the helm to the next owner.

We are committed to making sure your time out on the water leaves you and your family smiling from ear to ear. We’re all passionate about spending time on the water… and we absolutely love helping our clients plan their boating adventures.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor, an avid racer or new to owning a boat, our lifetime of marine experience means you will have access to practical, expert advice.

Our capable and expert team places you in the best position to pick a boat that will suit your on-water lifestyle, so you can embark on your next holiday and discover the wonders of the world with confidence.

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Showcasing our newly arrived models

Showcasing our newly arrived models

At Flagstaff Marine, we love seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces and the feeling of excitement as we expertly assist you in buying your brand-new boat.

Our extensive range of brand-new sailing yachts, powerboats and multihulls means we can help you stand out on your next on-water holiday with style, innovation and confidence.

Whether you’re looking for a big cruiser, a luxurious yacht, a stylish powerboat or a spacious multihull, we can offer a brand-new boat model that best fits your lifestyle.

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Spend time on  the water with  loved ones
Spend time on the water with loved ones

Experience  a breathtaking  cruising lifestyle
Experience a breathtaking cruising lifestyle

Discover majestic  views, sights and wonders
Discover majestic views, sights and wonders

Cross oceans in  ultimate comfort  and luxury
Cross oceans in ultimate comfort and luxury

Enjoy comprehensive maintenance  packages
Enjoy comprehensive maintenance packages