Charter Investment

Explore Charter Investment

Explore Charter Investment

Have you always wanted to own your own boat, but simply don’t have the time to use and maintain it all year round? At Flagstaff Marine, our world-class range of charter boats for sale are the ideal investment for the seafaring enthusiast.

Charter investment is ideal for those who are time-poor but want to sail their very own boat in some of the world’s finest cruising grounds. This popular investment opportunity gives you the freedom to sail your own boat when it suits you, and when you can’t be on board, it earns you an income and is professionally maintained.

Whether you plan to go cruising in your retirement or simply want a floating holiday house in paradise, a charter investment can help fund your dream by significantly reducing the cost of ownership and offering a full concierge service for your convenience and pleasure.

Imagine your boat was moored in the Whitsundays, or Sydney, or both. Wherever you would like your boat kept, we can connect you with the perfect charter company.

Charter investment means you can enjoy holidays aboard your boat in beautiful cruising grounds until you’re ready for full-time ownership. This is a great way to get to know your boat completely and prepare for life on board.

You truly can live your dreams today.

What is a charter boat?

What is a charter boat?

Charter boats are boats that have undergone compliance measures to meet strict safety and construction standards (National Standards for Commercial Vessels) enforced by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), to allow their owners to legally charge passengers a fee for a cruise either with a qualified skipper, or self-operated by the charterer as a “bareboat”.

Bareboating is a popular holiday option for boating enthusiasts around the world, with large fleets located in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands and smaller fleets on Sydney’s Pittwater, Queensland’s Hervey Bay and Victoria’s Gippsland Lakes to name a few.

Invest your boat with Flagstaff Marine

Invest your boat with Flagstaff Marine

The Flagstaff Marine team has worked with the charter boat industry for decades and we understand the position of both the boat owner and the operator.

As a member of the Flagstaff Marine community, we take the time to help you discover what your needs, motivations and outcomes are towards your investment, and we tailor our partnership with you to ensure we exceed your expectations. Get started today.

We can assist you in sourcing and buying the right new or pre-owned vessel to fit into a charter fleet.

We have close relationships with all of the premier charter companies who would love to have your new boat as part of their fleet. They take meticulous care of your boat, ensure your boat is comprehensively equipped and pride themselves on presenting the boats perfectly.

Along with a great choice of new sail and powerboats, we also offer a range of quality catamarans for sale for either continued use in a charter boat holiday company or for placement into private use.

Why choose us for your investment?

Why choose us for your investment?

Buying a boat for commercial operation is not a simple process. But at Flagstaff Marine, we go through the entire process side by side with you, so you can take your time and complete a thorough due diligence process.

Placing your boat with Flagstaff Marine ensures your peace of mind with the knowledge that your vessel is maintained to the highest standard whilst producing an income. Learn more about getting started.

Plus, you can take advantage of tax benefits, similar to owning a rental property.

With the Flagstaff team, you will be put in the hands of experts, ensuring your boat meets RMS Commercial Survey requirements. We will assist with the process, meaning you can start making revenue with your new boat faster.

Flagstaff Marine can also help set up finance with a number of lenders, and you can work with our charter partners to structure things to deliver the best return on investment.

About Flagstaff Marine

About Flagstaff Marine

Flagstaff Marine continually strives to take care of you on your sailing journey from the day you buy your yacht to the day you hand the helm to the next owner. We are committed to making sure your time out on the water leaves you and your family smiling from ear to ear.

We use our lifetime of marine experience to offer practical advice about which boat will work best for you and how to configure that boat to cater for your sailing or cruising plans.

Our modern fleet features sailing yachts, power catamarans and sailing monohulls in a range of sizes. Our world-class team are passionate about staying by your side as your go-to experts, taking care of extras like helping you learn to navigate a tricky berth, finding a marina or teaching you a few racing tactics.

You simply won’t find another boating company in the country with the same level of sales and boating expertise under their belt.

We offer a way to turn your dream of becoming a boat owner one day into a reality today. We guarantee to offer a memorable experience and breathtaking getaway, where you can enjoy all the delights of sailing and cruise in the Whitsundays with style and on budget.

We debrief every charter client and take on board their feedback, we boast a very high customer return rate – our guests simply know we care about them and they sing our praises!

Our people

Our people

Our team of Directors consists of Graham Raspass and Micah Lane, and together they have decades of experience in the boating and brokerage industry.

Our operational team are experienced brokers with many years of boating know-how and strong relationships with our partners. They expertly maintain our range of vessels to the highest standard of repair and upkeep.

Our team is skilled at selecting the right boat for the right customer.

Explore the Whitsundays and the wonders of the world

We understand that buying or investing in your boat is just the start of an amazing experience. There is a wealth of wonders to discover; beachcombing, island hopping, bushwalks, snorkelling, stargazing and simply relaxing. At Flagstaff Marine, we guarantee to provide you with a spectacular adventure like no other.

A boat for every holiday

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Spend time on the water with loved ones
Spend time on the water with loved ones

Experience  a breathtaking  cruising lifestyle
Experience a breathtaking cruising lifestyle

Discover majestic  views, sights and wonders
Discover majestic views, sights and wonders

Cross oceans in  ultimate comfort  and luxury
Cross oceans in ultimate comfort and luxury

Enjoy complimentary maintenance  packages
Enjoy complimentary maintenance packages