Beneteau Figaro 3 - Production First

“A truly fascinating yacht for sure…  it’s not a Dehler, it’s not an X-Yacht and it’s not a Pogo. This is not a toy. This is serious racing.”
Lars Reisberg,

Naval Architect : VPLP & Beneteau Design

Key features

  • First production foiling monohull
  • Foils reduce leeway and cause minimal drag
  • Retractable foils eliminate the need for ballast tanks
  • 15% faster than the previous model
  • Square top main
  • Asymmetrical downwind and reaching sails
  • Category A ocean-rated boat
  • European Yacht of the Year 2018
Foils replace tanks

Foils replace tanks

Those stunning foils on the Figaro 3 do more than just look good.

They replace the traditional ballast tanks, creating a sideways force and lift that give stability, supreme lightness and speed.

The foils are retractable for easy docking. But while you’re sailing, they reduce drag and make the Figaro 3 15% faster than previous models.

New design

New design

Beneteau teamed with a new designer for Figaro 3 – VPLP. Foils were a crucial part of the VPLP design from the beginning … in fact, Figaro sailors voted for the foils during the design process.

“Since Figaro Class sailing is a kind of ‘sailing school’ for future professional sailors … having the boats equipped with foils will also be a better preparation for young sailors for the bigger classes and projects where foiling is a matter of fact.”  Eric Ingouf, Beneteau  

Read Lars Reisberg’s interview with Beneteau’s Eric Ingouf

Different to Figaro 2

Different to Figaro 2

Figaro 3 is quite a different boat to Figaro 2 – and the difference is more than just those foils.

It is slightly smaller, wider and has a deeper keep which still makes the overall displacement of 2.9 tons some 100kg lighter than that of its predecessor.

The Figaro 3 has Cat A CE-certification, ISO and WS Cat 1 label.

There is no need for a water ballast system, due to those splendid foils.  

It has more sail area and is on top of this range of sailing boats. The fully battened mainsail has a square top design. The asymmetrical spinnaker attaches to a fixed bowsprit.



The Figaro 3 is produced in Beneteau´s new Racing Division near Nantes, France.

Everything in their huge hall is geared toward producing a lightweight, rigid, consistent design. Nothing is left to chance – even the climate-control ensures the perfect temperature 24/7, for hardening of the GRP.

The latest vacuum infusion technology is used to produce a strong, lightweight structure that’s perfect, every time.

“The vacuum sucks the resin into every little corner of the hull. It will penetrate through the garment layers, soak the foam and finally creep into … every single GRP part of the boat. This will, in the end, harden over time – and will form the stiffest bond you can imagine.” Gianguido Girotti, General Manager, Beneteau

Despite the vacuum infusion, the Figaro 3 is still a man-made boat. Every small thing is checked, controlled, identical.

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Figaro 3 Specifications

Figaro 3 Specifications

LOA: 10.85m
LWL: 9.75m
Beam: 3.4m
Displacement: 2,900kg
Ballast 1,100kg
Mainsail Area: 39.5sqm
Jib area: 30.5sqm
Large Spi: 105sqm

Stay in control

Stay in control

John Curnow, Editor of Sail-World AUS, has had a chance to sail a Figaro 3:

“This is an easy boat to sail from the get-go. Mastering your crew work will take time, but your energy will not be wasted on helming at least, for it is so light and maneuverable, as to make you think you were playing with an icy pole stick in the bathtub.

Its groove is ultra-small, with tiller movements usually contained inside about 60mm, and it is mostly easy to stay there, too. Yet by far, the greatest memory is just how much the foils provide righting moment and by being articulated as well, the most amazing lift this side of a space shuttle. Yes. Do strap yourself in for the ride. Giddy Up!”

Read the full article by John Curnow

Fit out - what's inside

Fit out - what's inside

This beast is made for racing, not for a leisurely Sunday afternoon cruise.

So, you won’t be surprised to find that the Figaro 3 has almost nothing fitted inside – just a navigation station, a small folding bunk and room for a beanbag.

Not that you’d want to take a nap and miss all the excitement up on deck!

Inaccessible is accessible

Inaccessible is accessible

One of Beneteau’s underlying philosophies is to make the inaccessible accessible …

and that’s exactly what they’ve done here with the first foiling production boat.

This is not a concept.

It’s here.

It can be yours in 2018.

Winners start here

Winners start here

In the words of Flagstaff Marine’s Micah Lane:

“The Figaro fleet is where the best of the best hone their skills. For example, five recent Vendée Globe winners have come from Figaro One Design racing.

The design team has made incredible technological advances with this boat, with the retractable foils and the supreme lightness with strength … and yet price-wise this boat is competitive.

What we previously thought was inaccessible to the mainstream market is now accessible … and that’s very exciting.

I can’t wait to see a fleet of One Design Figaro 3s racing on Sydney Harbour.”

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