How to buy your perfect yacht

Buying a yacht is one of the most significant purchases you’ll make in your life, besides the purchase of your own home. So we know you want to get it right. But where to start? What kind of yacht? What layout will you want? How many cabins do you need? You may feel a little overwhelmed.


Luckily, Flagstaff Marine works with you to make this process simple … and you’ll be sailing with family and friends in no time at all. We use a five-step process we like to call the ‘5 Cs’

Sailing the 5 Cs

At Flagstaff Marine, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ve made it our mission to take care of you on your boating journey from the day you buy your boat to the day you hand the helm to the next owner. We are committed to making sure your time out on the water leaves you and your family smiling from ear to ear.


So we invite you to sail the 5 Cs with us – take the trip with Flagstaff and you’ll be fully prepared to take yourself and your family on the adventure of a lifetime.


The first part of the Flagstaff Marine experience is to CLARIFY your needs so we can identify the yacht that best fits your lifestyle. We do this by getting to know you a bit better, and our questions help us to gain a good understanding of your wants and needs.

Do you want a fast, lightweight racing yacht? Or something steadier and more luxurious? Are you a seasoned sailor or just starting out? Will you be taking day trips, or do you plan to sail further into the blue waters?


Once we have a good understanding of your wants and needs, we’ll suggest the right model and size yacht and present a list of specifications, making sure we have matched your preferences every step of the way.

Your Beneteau yacht can be CUSTOMISED to suit your personal requirements … things like layout, sail specifications, colours, finishes, upholstery and more. Even finer details such as technology, entertainment and galley gadgets can be customised for you.


Take a test sail on the yacht you’ve chosen … you’ll know right away if you’ve found the right yacht. This is a great opportunity to inspect the layout and quality of finishes firsthand. At this point we’ll also make sure that we get you the best price possible, so you can reflect on your purchase with confidence.

If you’re happy to CONFIRM your order, we’ll ask you for a deposit and arrange any finance you may need with our trusted partners. Once this is done, the Beneteau factory will start the construction of your new yacht.


Your boat’s place in the production line is guaranteed and we’ll keep you up to date with her progress, and we’ll also give you an estimated date of delivery.

Take delivery in Sydney … or we can arrange European delivery from the Beneteau factory in France. Once your yacht is ready, we take care of the COMMISSIONING and arrange the handover date. We’ll take you through your Beneteau yacht from bow to stern and we’ll also run comprehensive training sessions. Our priority is to make sure you’re relaxed and confident on the water.


From the moment you order your new Beneteau yacht, you’re part of the Flagstaff family and our amazing COMMUNITY. 

We can help you get involved in all of the fantastic events throughout the year such as the Beneteau Cup yacht race on Sydney Harbour. You can also always take advantage of one of our many training days, workshops or maintenance packages. And when you’re ready to sell or upgrade, our sister company Vicsail is there to support you every step of the way.

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