We are Australia’s leading boat brokerage...

We are Australia’s leading boat brokerage...

and with a team boasting decades of boat sales and boating expertise, we’re confident in our sales process.

Our unrivalled expertise, on and off the water means we will sell your boat to the right buyer, at the right price…

…getting you the outcome you need.

5 steps to sales success!

We use a proven five step process for successfully selling your boat.

1. Listen and Learn

The team at Flagstaff listen and learn about your boat, hear it’s story, how it became yours, what you’ve experienced with it, and the reasons you are selling it.

We arrange an inspection so we can accurately and realistically price your boat for sale. Our deep understanding of boats allows us to quickly see it’s marketability.

2. Appraise and Value

We consult, communicate, and appraise what needs to be done so the boat presents well at market. We look at things like detailing, maintenance, presentation and location.

We will recommend the appropriate pre-sale preparations for your boat including marina dock presence, professional detailing, servicing and documentation. We make recommendations on presentation, cleanliness and operation of all appliances. Making a good first impression can be make or break!

The team at Flagstaff will present a realistic, accurate price for your boat. We will then propose a timeline and programme to prepare the boat.

3. Prepare and Market

Preparing your boat for sale is a significant part of the sales process. Once you have agreed to proceed, Flagstaff will work with you on your professional photography, video,and prepare all the information required for a successful sales campaign.

We’ll talk about the kind of campaign you would like to run, and go through the different packages Flagstaff offer, and what would be best suited to your boat. Crucially, we help you through the process of working through any issues that need to be addressed before we go to market.

Your boat’s listing is launched on our website, as well as the boatsales platforms we utilise nationally and internationally including BoatPoint, YachtHub, Boat World, Yacht World, Boats Online, social media sites, and our internal database.

4. Communicate and Negotiate

Once your listing has gone live, we diligently handle every enquiry, make sure the boat is always available for inspections and test sails or cruises, and that it is presented in the very best possible light, every time.

Our communication with vendors and buyers is open, honest and transparent every step of the way. The negotiation process can be challenging, and when a buyer makes an offer we utilise our years of experience in negotiation to achieve the very best outcome.

Once an offer is accepted we draw up a contract for sale, ask for a deposit, and start the PPSR checks and paperwork. We organise a survey on the boat, and work with our vendors towards the settlement.

5. Support and Service

Support through the final stages of a sale is crucial, particularly when the survey results come in, and they require additional negotiation. We support our vendors through these final stages, and give them the confidence to finalise the sale.

We take immense pride in looking after the evolving needs of our vendors and buyers, and provide support at every stage.

Every boat owner will know that with ownership comes responsibility – maintenance, mooring, and management.
We offer a support service for our new owners, that starts with basic upkeep, and extends to full maintenance and berthing of your boat. We work to extend the life of your boat by offering servicing, cleaning, and upgrades.