How to decide if charter boat ownership is right for you

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of sailing into the horizon, charter ownership can be a practical way to fulfil your dream, meet all the practicalities of boat ownership – and invest for your future.

A charter investment gives you the freedom to sail away when you can and earn an income when you can’t be on board, making it a great option for time-poor boating enthusiasts. The benefits of charter ownership are vast.

At Flagstaff Marine, we have a world-class range of charter boats for sale, and we always recommend you ask yourself some key questions to see if charter boat ownership is right for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Who is charter boat ownership for?

Who is charter boat ownership for?

The Flagstaff Marine team meets boat owners every day who come from all walks of life and who have one very important thing in common – a passion for the ocean. When it comes to charter ownership, there are a few other traits they share.

Buying a yacht or powerboat can be a very big investment. And while it might be perfect if you’re planning on sailing the world or stepping aboard every other day, some people just don’t have the time to commit to full-time sailing and boat maintenance.

Charter boat owners have generally moved beyond renting and want to own their own yacht, powerboat or multihull.

They’re busy so don’t have the time for cleaning, maintenance and management. And they are interested in the potential income that comes with charter boating.

Charter boat ownership is a popular investment opportunity that gives you the freedom to sail your own boat when it suits you – and some added advantages.

Benefits of charter investment

Benefits of charter investment

For many people, the obvious benefit to charter investment is potential income. You will need to do your sums and consider if you are in a position to cover costs including fuel, berthing, insurance, annual registration and professional servicing and management fees. Income will vary based on seasonal demand and the size, configuration, type of boat condition, bearing in mind older craft may need additional maintenance. We can help you select a boat to suit your charter needs.

Another major benefit is boat management. At Flagstaff, we can take care of all cleaning, maintenance and management, which takes a load off boat owners. Our full concierge service lets you enjoy your boat at your leisure, without the hassle that comes with managing every other detail.

Of course, we do recommend that everyone considering charter boat investment also speak to a financial professional to discuss their own circumstances and capacity to invest.

Full boat charter options

Full boat charter options

Charter boats undergo strict compliance measures to meet all required safety and construction standards (National Standards for Commercial Vessels) enforced by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

Once your boat is legally compliant, you can charge passengers a fee for a cruise either with a qualified skipper, or self-operated by the charterer as a “bareboat”.

Bareboating is a very popular holiday option all around the globe. In Australia, there are large fleets located in incredible destinations such as the Whitsunday Islands, Sydney’s Pittwater, Queensland’s Hervey Bay and Victoria’s Gippsland Lakes.

To make things as easy as possible for boat owners, we’ve put together a range of maintenance packages. We have both power maintenance packages and sail maintenance packages which you can tailor to suit just what you need.

Choose from regular interior and exterior cleaning to mechanical servicing, boat administration and annual out of water slipping.

Flexible charter boat locations

Flexible charter boat locations

A big part of charter boat management is flexibility, and that includes location.

Looking to moor your yacht in the Whitsundays? Want it close by so you can zip around Sydney Harbour? Or would you like a base to explore the pristine WA coast? Charter investment gives you the chance to experience ocean life exactly where you’ve always wanted to.

The Flagstaff Marine team has decades of experience in the sailing industry and that means we know all of your options. We can help you find the perfect berth, put you in touch with a premier charting company… and help set you on your boating adventure with one of our luxury yachts, multihulls, trawlers or sports cruisers.

Ready for charter boat ownership? Learn more here then contact us to discuss all the details.


We understand that buying or investing in your boat is just the start of an amazing experience. There is a wealth of wonders to discover; beachcombing, island hopping, bushwalks, snorkelling, stargazing and simply relaxing. At Flagstaff Marine, we guarantee to provide you with a spectacular adventure like no other.

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Spend time on the water with loved ones
Spend time on the water with loved ones

Experience  a breathtaking  cruising lifestyle
Experience a breathtaking cruising lifestyle

Discover majestic  views, sights and wonders
Discover majestic views, sights and wonders

Cross oceans in  ultimate comfort  and luxury
Cross oceans in ultimate comfort and luxury

Enjoy complimentary maintenance  packages
Enjoy complimentary maintenance packages