The new level of performance and versatility

Since the 1960s, Lomac is the perfect choice for those in search of superior performance, exclusiveness, comfort and quality for the whole family.

Since the third generation Lo Manto family, Lomac is recognised by customers for its market-leading performance and handling at sea, as testified by multiple international prizes and awards including Boat of the Year and Inflatable Boat of the Year. 

Today, Lomac produces 58 unique models in six different series. Each is designed and produced to combine state of the art technology with artisan craftsmanship.

Revolutionary ideas

Revolutionary ideas

Lomac began with the insight to use special fabric gluing and manufacturing techniques to optimise the production of inflatable boats.

The Lo Manto brothers initially sold inflatable boats produced by other brands, but soon fell in love with the boating industry and began to build their own models.

In the early 1980s, Lomac was the first European shipyard to introduce the industry’s most revolutionary idea: replacing the simple fabric and slat floor with a fibreglass hull. 

The idea proved such a captivating one that it was followed and imitated by shipyards across Europe. This marked the start of a new design for what is regarded today as the safest water craft on the market.

Innovative materials and production

Innovative materials and production

Lomac’s range is built with only the most advanced resin coating techniques and innovative materials. Hull construction is made through vacuum infusion stratification, recognised as the best solution for fibreglass hulls and is still used today across leading shipyards around the world. 

With the vacuum infusion method, Lomac offers lighter and stronger fibre to resin ratio as well as significantly reduced emissions of styrene, resulting in a more environmentally friendly production. 

Lomac hulls also utilise vinyl-ester resin which offers excellent mechanical strength and a heat distortion temperature of over 110°C. 

Only the most cutting edge technology and design are utilised across Lomac’s entire range. With close collaboration with technology partners and designers, you can be confident that your brand new Lomac is built with the most personalised and high performance systems and materials.

Embodying elegance and smart design

Embodying elegance and smart design

Based in Milan, the world capital of design and fashion, Lomac embodies the values of elegance, efficiency and quality. With Lomac, you can expect the finest craftsmanship, premium components and attention to detail. 

For the past decade, Lomac’s top of the range models are styled by designer Federico Fiorentino who has extensive experience in both luxury yachting and boat racing.

Infinite levels of personalisation

Infinite levels of personalisation

Every Lomac can be built with tubes of any colour and shade… whether it’s the steering console and dashboards, exterior and interior decor, awnings and T-top, seats, inserts and handrails… the freedom of choice is yours.

With a wealth of options offered for the upholstery, the interior and exterior finishing, and the cushions, you can enjoy an infinite range of possible combinations.

Functionality and professional uses are never far from mind either. Lomac also offers a range of consoles, jockey seats, storage bins, bait and tank racks, roll-bars and seats.

With such infinite levels of options and personalisation, Lomac can meet the needs of any customer or lifestyle.


The Lomac series of ribs are versatile, with a range designed for every boating need. Whether you are after luxury and speed, a safe and sturdy fishing boat, a family adventurer, a tender, or an entry-level to test the waters, we have a model to suit you.


Infinite levels of personalisation are offered through over 40 models in four categories, ranging in size from 2.5 to 14.5 metres.

Performance and exhilaration

Cruising and overnighting

Entertain and relaxing

Luxury tender