Want to get into charter boat ownership? Here’s how to start

For ocean lovers like us, boat ownership can be a dream come true – but it can also be a savvy investment. Charter ownership may provide you with the income to meet your repayments and ongoing maintenance costs.

If you are looking to make a charter boat investment, you need to do quite a bit of preparation to make sure you’re ready to take the first step, make a decision that best fits your financial circumstances, and commit to your responsibilities as a charter owner.

With decades of experience across the boating industry, the Flagstaff Marine team can help you navigate your way into charter investment. We recommend that all potential boat owners also do some initial research.

The first step towards boat ownership is research. With such a variety of craft on the market, you should narrow down what you’re looking for in terms of size, style, configuration and features, and research will help you see what’s around and gauge prices of both new and second-hand vessels. We can also help you select a suitable boat.

This is also where you need to be clear on what your long-term plans are. A charter investment is a business so if your main intention is to make money, you need to think practically and professionally.

Things you might want to consider include the types of boats that have high appeal, how much business your charter location will have, and the amount of competition. You also will need to do your sums and look at ongoing costs including charter fees, maintenance, cleaning and insurance.

Location can be a big part of successful boat charter ownership. We’re pretty much spoiled for choice in Australia with popular charter destinations from the Whitsundays to Western Australia.

It can be a good idea to check how many boats are currently in operation in any given region and with each company, and to look at seasonal factors that affect how much your boat is likely to be used.

Beyond location, a big part of a successful charter investment is choosing a reputable charter company, and it can be helpful to speak to current owners or read reviews about their experiences. You need to also find out how the company operates, what’s included in their fees, how much access you will have and what your take-home income is likely to be.

The Flagstaff Marine team knows the industry inside and out and we have close relationships with all of the premier charter companies around the country. We understand the position of both the boat owner and the operator, and we’re more than happy to help you at every stage of the process.

We can assist you in sourcing a brand new or pre-owned vessel to fit into a charter fleet, recommend a quality charter operator who will take meticulous care of your boat and we also help our customers with sail maintenance and power boat cleaning and maintenance packages… giving you much more time to spend on the water.

Ready to take the leap into boat ownership? Then browse our wide selection of new and used sail and powerboats, and contact us to discuss your charter investment options.

Explore the Whitsundays and the wonders of the world

We understand that buying or investing in your boat is just the start of an amazing experience. There is a wealth of wonders to discover; beachcombing, island hopping, bushwalks, snorkelling, stargazing and simply relaxing. At Flagstaff Marine, we guarantee to provide you with a spectacular adventure like no other.

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Spend time on the water with loved ones
Spend time on the water with loved ones

Experience  a breathtaking  cruising lifestyle
Experience a breathtaking cruising lifestyle

Discover majestic  views, sights and wonders
Discover majestic views, sights and wonders

Cross oceans in  ultimate comfort  and luxury
Cross oceans in ultimate comfort and luxury

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Enjoy complimentary maintenance packages