Just what are the benefits of charter boat investment?

If you’re passionate about sailing, charter boat investment holds good potential. The key advantage for many people is the potential income and it’s true that charter ownership may help you recoup brokerage costs and invest towards your future.

Like any financial investment, there are things you need to consider before jumping in. It’s very important to be clear on upfront and ongoing costs, potential returns and your personal financial position and capacity to invest.

At Flagstaff Marine, our team are lifetime boating enthusiasts, and with decades of experience in the industry, we also know that our charter boat investors usually have more than money in mind when they decide to purchase one of our cruising yachts, multihulls, luxury trawlers or sports cruisers.

Here’s what you need to know about charter ownership – and the financial benefits.

Benefits for astute investors

Benefits for astute investors

While owning your own yacht or power boat is something many of us aspire to, the reality is that once you have a beautiful craft to call your own, life can get in the way. With a busy lifestyle, you may find that suddenly you’re only on board every few weeks, or even less often.

When you factor the regular repayments of your dream boat, marina fees, insurance, cleaning and maintenance costs, your collective outgoings can seem even greater when you’re not getting the most from your boat – namely regular life on board.

Charter boat investment can be a great option for astute investors, helping your recoup outlays, put income towards boat repayments… and maybe plan that retirement cruise or ultimate sailing adventure.

Income will vary based on several factors including the size and configuration of your boat, charter location and seasonal demand. We can help you select the right boat for charter.

What is a charter boat?

What is a charter boat?

As fellow ocean lovers, we know that there’s nothing better than hopping on board and sailing off into our gorgeous waterways, and charter boat investment can help you get there faster.

Boats are a serious investment, but charter ownership can help make that dream a reality by giving you the income to help pay off repayments – and it has added lifestyle benefits.

We can help for instance with cleaning, maintenance and other requirements. By taking hold of boat management, we help save you time and help you streamline your boat management needs.

Finance facts overview

Finance facts overview

Some people who purchase a yacht or power boat with us use existing funds, some opt for equity in existing properties and many decide on a dedicated boat loan.

We have years of expertise across the charter industry so we can provide you with a breakdown of potential incomes and expected outlays after purchase to help you make your decision. Bear in mind too that there may be tax implications or potential tax benefits if you use your boat for personal or commercial use, just as there is with property.

While we can recommend charter companies and give you all the details you need to know on charter ownership, we always recommend you seek independent, professional financial advice.

Picture this!

Picture this!

A charter boat investment can be a fantastic choice for anyone passionate about boat ownership. With a charter boat, you can not only choose from a wide range of fantastic yachts, multihulls and power cruisers, you can also take your pick of charter locations. Whitsundays perhaps? Or how about our world-renowned Sydney Harbour?

We have a range of boats from leading brands including Beneteau, Alva and Lomac, and we select our range with safety, performance and design, front and centre.

If you’d like to discuss charter boat ownership or have any questions about the potential financial benefits, please contact us.

Explore the Whitsundays and the wonders of the world

We understand that buying or investing in your boat is just the start of an amazing experience. There is a wealth of wonders to discover; beachcombing, island hopping, bushwalks, snorkelling, stargazing and simply relaxing. At Flagstaff Marine, we guarantee to provide you with a spectacular adventure like no other.

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Spend time on the water with loved ones
Spend time on the water with loved ones

Experience  a breathtaking  cruising lifestyle
Experience a breathtaking cruising lifestyle

Discover majestic  views, sights and wonders
Discover majestic views, sights and wonders

Cross oceans in  ultimate comfort  and luxury
Cross oceans in ultimate comfort and luxury

Enjoy complimentary maintenance  packages
Enjoy complimentary maintenance packages