The new era of solar-powered catamarans

Silent Yachts are pushing the boundaries to achieve a new, transformative experience of life on the water. They believe that yachting has the potential to reach unmatched levels of independence and luxury in a sustainable manner through innovative, clean technology.

For the first time in boat production history, Silent Yachts are producing catamarans that are exclusively powered by solar energy.

Experience a fully solar sustainable journey through the wide ocean blue and discover an innovative range of models that produce zero emissions.

Glide through the ocean across majestic views around the world and enjoy luxury on board. Leave behind only footprints on the sand…

The story behind Silent Yachts

The story behind Silent Yachts

For over 15 years, the Silent Yachts family have been pushing the boundaries to achieve innovative, clean technology for their one-of-a-kind catamarans. Michael and Heike Köhler are the pioneers behind the vision of Silent Yachts, and after more than two decades at sea, they came to the incredible conclusion of finding an efficient way to supply yachts with energy.

The rest is history. Silent Yachts exclusively use solar energy not only for actual propulsion, but also to provide energy to all household appliances on board. This includes everything, ranging from cooktops, stoves and the freezer to the air conditioning, washing machine and water-maker.

With Silent Yachts, you can enjoy the most effective, efficient and reliable choice for nautical propulsion and self-sufficient sailing, as well as experiencing a perfectly suitable choice for an independent life on board.

Experience radical innovation

Experience radical innovation

Silent Yachts offer unlimited range. The range extender automatically starts to recharge the lithium batteries when they’re low, and their capacity provides ample energy for propulsion as well as all household appliances.

You won’t have to worry about searching for a marina to charge the batteries or refuel. Experience confidence as you cruise for weeks and spend time in luxury and comfort as you watch TV, run the air conditioning and produce up to 2000 litres of drinking water every day without turning on the generator.

Stepping on a Silent Yacht

Stepping on a Silent Yacht

The lightweight construction is a result of bionic design, as well as the use of carbon fibres and high-quality resins.

Interior furniture is made of stiff and lightweight composite plates with real wood-veneer, helping to reduce the weight of the catamaran significantly.

The salon and cabins are wrapped in thermal insulation, while the windows are shaded by either the roof and/or the hull, lowering energy consumption to keep the interior comfortable at all temperature levels.

With a Silent Yacht, you can enjoy high levels of efficiency and fast, self-sustaining propulsion so you can be transported to paradise for longer.

Reliable and safe technology

Reliable and safe technology

All the electrical components are of high industrial quality and are being engineered and built in Europe and the USA. All motors, inverters and their cables are IP69 certified. This means you can have peace of mind that all the electrical components can work even when permanently submerged in highly pressurised water.

All wirings are tin-coated and all plugs feature a custom design that prevents humidity and water from entering. Additionally, all parts exposed to the marine environment are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Plus, the configuration of all components makes sure an overload is impossible, making the solar-electric drivetrain far safer than conventional propulsion systems. All Silent Yachts are certified ISO 16315 compliant.

Quality craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship

Silent Yachts seek perfection in execution and pay utmost attention to every detail.

With generations of experience in crafting vessels of impeccable quality, you can rest assured that every Silent Yacht is reliable, safe and thoroughly supervised throughout the entire production process.

All Silent Yachts vessels are designed by experienced naval architects from Italy and Germany, and their craftsmen have been well known for their high-quality standards and the durability of their products.

All technical components are supplied from trusted European brands with a worldwide service network. And all components of the powertrain, as well as the energy production and storage systems, are personally installed by their field technicians.

Are you ready to discover our Silent Yachts range?

With Silent Yachts, you can achieve unmatched levels of independence and luxury in a sustainable manner through innovative, clean technology.

Spend more time cruising around the world while being fully solar sustainable and producing zero emissions with style, luxury and confidence.

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