Figaro 3: European Yacht of the Year 2018!

The European Yacht of the Year Awards is one of the most influential and well-regarded award ceremonies in sailing. This year, as per usual, it was awash with beautifully crafted yachts from all over the world.

Head-to-head with stiff international competition, the Beneteau Figaro 3 took out the ‘Special Yacht’ award with flying colours – but what made it stand out from the crowd?

Pure Design

Pure Design

The Figaro 3’s design was spearheaded by a partnership between the Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP) office and Beneteau’s most experienced staff. As an entry-level racing yacht, design challenges were abundant.

How to make a reliable, affordable vessel that lives up to the Figaro name?

Even without knowledge of the Figaro legacy, it’s quite evident what the Figaro 3 is designed for. From the barebones berth through to the composite foiling, there is only one thing to do: sail, and sail fast.

Regardless of this, the Figaro 3 scored points for its pure functionality in the face of serious sailing. The layout and set-up are surprisingly easy to use – perfect for aspiring racers in the entry-level market.

Innovative Boatmaking

Innovative Boatmaking

Turning heads left right and center, the omission of ballast tanks in favor of inward-facing foils have helped reduce the overall weight of the Figaro 3 by 100kg. Spreading out like wings just below deck level (instead of near the waterline), the foils are retractable and incredibly sturdy.

For the judges, the Figaro 3’s innovative foils defined themselves from a functional point of view – providing lift and reducing weighted surface contact without foiling or flying. This creates drag reduction while improving the yacht’s overall righting movement.

Creating a new standard in sailing, the Figaro 3 can sail 15% faster than its predecessor.

A new standard in sailing

A new standard in sailing

A hybrid of innovation and cutting-edge technology, Beneteau has created the first-ever production made hydrofoil yacht. With a user-friendly design, innovative foiling technology and supreme lightness, the Figaro 3 has ensured that entry-level racing yachts will be revolutionized forever.

“What we previously thought was inaccessible to the mainstream market is now accessible … and that’s very exciting. I can’t wait to see a fleet of One Design Figaro 3s racing on Sydney Harbour.”
Micah Lane, Co-owner at Flagstaff Marine

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