Beneteau Oceanis 46 wins Winter Series

At 70, sailing veteran Arthur Lane is in his prime. With years of racing and many wins under his belt, his most recent accomplishment was skippering ‘Inkonkoni’, the 1st Division J winner of the Land Rover Winter Series. Arthur is also the proud father of our very own Micah … and he puts part of the win in the final race down to Micah’s sheer talent.

With 13 races in total, the series set on the sparkling Sydney Harbour began with not such great racing conditions. The Oceanis 46 is a 10-tonne boat. In the good wind, it’s unbeatable, but in light breezes, lighter yachts put up a good fight. The light breeze in the early races and a handicap that calculates across the events ended up working in their favor.

Oceanis pulls through in glassy conditions

According to Arthur

“The first three or four races were very, very, light on a breeze. The whole crew was starting to feel nervous when around race five of the series, the weather finally turned in our favor. The wind picked up and became perfect conditions for the Oceanis 46. At the end of the series the conditions dropped once again, but the Inkonkoni got a lucky break.

In the second last race, we were so lucky; they shortened the course because the breeze was dropping. We must have been 50m from the gate when the race official called it. Bang, just like that we managed to get over the line. The rest of the boats took over two hours to come in; it was an absolute glass out there and nothing the other boats could do to get access the line. The gods were on our side for that one.”

A final push to the finish line

The crew had to come out strong for the final race.

“We had done the calculations; there were only a few points in it. We had to beat the boat that was leading the tally board, by at least two points.”

They pulled out all the stops and were able to maintain the first position for the race.
“It was wonderful; we were in the right breeze and tide. In the right place the whole time.”

Arthur puts their final win down to Micah’s sheer skill, mixed with a little lady luck. There was a very light breeze in the middle of the race coming through the point. As they managed to keep their boat moving forward, other boats began to waltz in the tide.

“We were very lucky to have Micah in those conditions. His sheer skill put the other boats behind us and continued getting further and further behind.”

They pulled across the finish line for a well-deserved win. And they celebrated in style with a well-deserved ice-cold beer, watching the sunset over the spectacular Sydney Harbour.

“It was a beautiful calm day so we pulled in and had a BBQ on the boat with crew to celebrate on the boat. We had some other boats pull up and join in the celebrations. It was a great way to end the Winter Series.”

Beneteau Yachts placed in the Land Rover Winter Series:

No Spinnaker
Inkonkoni – Beneteau Oceanis 46 – Arthur Lane – 1st Division J

Flying Cloud – Beneteau First 40 – Howard Piggott – 2nd Division B

Reve Beneteau – First 45f5 – Kevin Whelan – 1st Division C

Integrity – Beneteau First 42s7 – Andrew Stoekel – 3rd division C

One More No More – Beneteau First 35 – Ian Guanaria 3rd – Division D

Menage A Trois – Beneteau First 30 – 2nd Division E

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