Australian Boating Magazine’s 12-page supplement on the new Swift Trawler range explains just why this seaworthy cruiser is ideal for our rugged Australian waters.

“People tend to forget that our coastal waters can be extremely rugged, and not a good place to be in a craft that is only capable of 6-7 knots … Beneteau decided to launch a contemporary range of trawler yachts … that could easily cruise along at speeds in the 15 – 17-knot range, top out at 20 – 23 knots, but still cruise all day extremely economically.”

This view is shared by Flagstaff’s Graham Raspass who says, “The Swift Trawler 35 blends traditional lines and unrivaled seaworthiness with modern technology and spacious layout and is the perfect live-aboard for Australian coastal and harbor cruising.”

Flagstaff - Swift-Trawler-30-Key-Featuresjpg

There’s also great detail about Beneteau’s boat-building technology, including the semi-planing hull – it’s this remarkable feat of engineering that allows the Swift Trawler to deliver performance without compromising on comfort and safety. Designers Joubert & Nivelt have borrowed from Beneteau’s legacy with sailing yachts to deliver a hull that can knife through just about any swell and has a turning radius more akin to a speed boat than a trawler.

Flagstaff - Beneteau-Quality-Hull

“Beneteau has engaged many – that’s not a mistake – many of the world’s best naval architects and they challenged them to create hull shapes that took full advantage of the more contemporary ‘cored’ fiberglass building technique to ensure the lighter trawlers could get up into a planing state with moderate horsepower – and insisted the naval architects create hull shapes that offered the stability, soft-riding ability and resistance to being thrown around too much by the sea state, with the more modern, lighter, GRP materials.”

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