Oceanis 38.1 - A perfect compromise

Oceanis 38.1 - A perfect compromise

At the end of the week good mates Peter and Rob will take delivery of their brand new Beneteau Oceanis 38.1. The Penrith locals met over 20 years ago and their families quickly became good friends. It wasn’t long ‘til they discovered a mutual passion for sailing.

After years of chatting about buying a brand new sailboat, they decided it made sense to go in together. They plan on using it together, separately, with family (Peter has five kids and four grandkids; Rob has two kids), and go out with friends … essentially this is going to be a well-loved boat!

Rob is particularly excited about having a mutual hobby the good friends can work on together.

Comfortable entertainer and fast in the races

“The Oceanis 38.1 suits our needs perfectly. It’s a perfect compromise between a family boat and a race boat. With a nice wide beam, it’s good for a family sail and for entertaining. The swim platform makes it great for relaxing days of swimming followed by a BBQ lunch on the harbor. We can’t wait! We also plan on getting into the twilight racing. We are excited to see her top speed with the chined hull – and we upgraded the sails to make her a race winner.”

Currently being commissioned in Pittwater, the boat is set to sail down to Rushcutters where she’ll be officially handed over.

“When we arrived, she hadn’t been put on the water yet, she was still on dry dock. The crane brought her over to the water in front of our very eyes. As she touched the water we were able to jump on board and take the last couple of meters. Nothing can describe the feeling of being on your brand new boat as it hits the water for the first time. We started the motor and went in a little circle – the mast wasn’t on yet so we couldn’t do any sailing. I can’t wait until we can let out the sails and really see her go!

Shane has been really helpful in guiding us through the commissioning process. We’ve had such a great time picking the BBQ and other bits and pieces. Who knew you could actually enjoy choosing cushions! The feeling of knowing this boat is yours and seeing all of the choices you made put together is the ultimate feeling.”

Peter and Rob plan on christening their new boat in the upcoming Beneteau Cup and are looking forward to letting out the sails and seeing what she is capable of.

Please contact us for information on the Beneteau Oceanis 38.1, and see our other boat owner stories.