Fantastic review of EXCESS Catamarans in Seahorse Magazine

Flagstaff Marine is delighted to see a great review for the EXCESS 12 and EXCESS 15 in the latest issue of Seahorse Magazine. The review covers the EXCESS catamarans features, as well as the interior space and performance.

“For the first time in many years, there’s a new range of cats on the market that do have lightweight hulls and large, powerful rigs, but aren’t skittish or fragile and don’t cost millions.”

The Vendée Globe sailor Marc Guillemot has been involved in the sea trials and is impressed with the performance of the EXCESS catamarans. Here’s an excerpt of what Seahorse Magazine wrote about the experience:

“They’re designed specifically to appeal to experienced sailors and engineered to deliver the same amount of pleasure, engagement and deep satisfaction that you get from sailing a well-tuned monohull. With its new EXCESS range of catamarans, Beneteau Groupe is on a mission to put the fun back into mainstream multihull cruising.

Beneteau Groupe’s new EXCESS brand comes with a range of offshore multihulls designed to appeal to monohull yacht owners, beach cat sailors, surfers, and kitesurfers.

The cockpit design is also aimed at experienced sailors. It’s a larger area than you’ll find on most comparable cats and designed to be more versatile, rather than just optimized to enable the helmsman to do everything himself.

The unique retractable sunroof is also designed to encourage active sail trimming, giving the helmsman and crew a good view of the sails while also offering plenty of shade.

A great deal of effort has gone into designing the sightlines aboard these boats to ensure the best possible view from the helm, both around and through the accommodation. From either of the helm seats, at a glance, you can see the bows of both hulls, enough of the sails for accurate trimming, under the jib and right through the bridge deck.

The deck plans and interiors are designed for private owners. And instead of just offering a choice of interior fabrics, there’s a choice of three completely distinct interior design schemes with different fabrics, surfaces and furniture styles.”

Flagstaff Marine would like to thank Seahorse Magazine.

Both the EXCESS 12 and EXCESS 15 have been nominated for awards and we couldn’t be more excited to see a spectacular list of nominees for the EXCESS catamarans.

The EXCESS 12 is positioned in the Multihulls Cruising category and is looking to win the title of “Best Boat” 2020 against her opponents. The EXCESS 12 is also nominated for the Multihull of the Year 2020, in the category of multihulls under 40 feet.

For the EXCESS 15, the British Yachting Awards is back and is honoring the EXCESS 15 in its Multihull of the Year category. The EXCESS 15 is also in the European Yacht of the Year award competition in the multihull category.

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